Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Red Prairie Online Training—Is it worth investing time and money for it.

I was going through a report “E-Learning Market Trends & Forecast 2014-2016” by Docebo. As per the report the worldwide market for self paced e-Learning is growing rapidly at a compound rate of 7.5%. The highest growth rates are between 20-25% in Asia and Eastern Europe, closely followed by Africa and Latin America. Even in the most mature markets like the USA, a solid growth of 4-6% per annum is being observed.
I went through the complete report and realized that in this fast moving world it is very difficult for people to devote their precious time in classroom training. The rapid advancement of technology has changed the way the world operates. The current speed of change means that employees need to be trained continuously in order for Companies to avoid the dangers of being out-thought and out-manoeuvred by competitors. The same goes with the employees as well, they have to learn all the new technology in their field to out-smart others.
I was working in Red Prairie project and wanted to enhance my technological skills in Red Prairie WMS. I have asked my company to arrange for classroom training but unfortunately it was not feasible to arrange classroom training for 1 person, the cost was running north. My Project Manager asked me to search for any company who provides online training in Red Prairie WMS and joined them. I researched a lot and found couple of companies who were providing online training in Red Prairie but unfortunately the cost was very high.  
Getting quality training at a less cost is a big challenge in today’s world. One of my colleagues in Singapore had completed SAP EWM online training from a company MaxMunus (www.maxmunus.com) in India and he suggested me to enquire from them. I researched about MaxMunus and found very positive reviews about them on internet. I asked for all the details from them and to my surprise they have arranged a live demo with the instructor. The demo was great and the instructor explained me about the course flow.
I joined the course and they had fixed the class timings as per my time (Singapore time). The classes went as per the scheduled time. I completed the course within 3 weeks and enhanced my skills for my current and future projects. I can say that I was lucky to get quality training at a less cost.
During the course I realized the following advantages of online training:
·         Flexible class timings.
·         Less Cost compare to classroom training.
·         Learn at your own pace.
·         Get lot of time for practice.
·         Instructor is also available to clear your doubts after the classes.

I shared my experience about Red Prairie online training hope it will help you.